Plan with Me! | Before and After Pen Organization

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Plan with Me! | Before and After Pen Organization


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my previous posts, but organizing is something I’m kind of in love with. Not that my house is organized or anything…

Case in point. My new (and old) pens:


Pen organization: before picture.


That isn’t even me just throwing everything in a bin to show you what I have. That is how I was actually using my pens. Two different places, all piled together, and just dumped in the places they would go.

It wasn’t exactly easy to find a specific pen when I was looking for it, so I knew I’d have to organize something, and quick! Most of the pens in the bin pictured on top I had purchased specifically to test out in my new planner, and I wanted to be able to make the most of them.


How I organized my planner pens to get the best use of them.


Here’s what I did.


Kiddie junk drawer


First I found a larger drawer not being used where I could house all my planner supplies (but mostly my pens).

Okay, this is another not so pretty picture of my terrible household organization. I had an entire junk drawer full of random kiddie stuff. The good news is that while clearing out this drawer I finally found my iPad charging cable.


I found my iPad cable while cleaning out my junk drawer. Yay!


We were just about to give up looking for it and buy a new one. Yay! I saved usĀ $25 by cleaning!


Pen organization: dollar store bins

I also had all these narrow plastic bins that used to be in our bathroom drawers. They were just sitting around in our basement storage area waiting for a place to be useful. Another yay! I didn’t have to buy anything for this project. I can buy more pens now, right?!

And finally here’s how my new pen organization turned out.

Pen organization: after picture


The “official” pen drawer. Everything has a place now.

Pens that come in multiple colors (like my Papermate Flairs and Sharpie pens) got their own special baskets. My markers, highlighter, and pencil crayons all went into the same bin because I use all three for prayer and Bible journaling so I’ll only have to take out the one basket.

Tape got a mini basket (I know all you planner decorating fans are already imagining I’m going to need a drawer just for washi soon), and then post it notes. At the back I put my daughter’s paint brushes and some extra trimmer blades for my Fiskars (I lost that too). On the far right is my crafting punches, E6000 glue, and some Sharpie permanent markers. Unfortunately they got cut off in the picture, but they are there. Trust me.


Pen organization: family pen drawer


I don’t want my family messing around with my special planning pens and losing them. So I kept the regular everyday pens in the kitchen drawer along with our scissors. Now that most of the pens have been moved to the other cabinet, I had room for a tiny bin to hold our grip jar…things…(Seriously, I couldn’t find the name of these…anyone?).

Pen organization: currently using pens


Finally, I took out all the pens I had been currently using for the week and placed it next to my planner. Now I can make sure my “official” drawer stays organized because I only have to put my pens back whenever I switch them out and can be lazy with just throwing my pens in the pen holder during the day.

So that’s it. Pens organized. No more piles and “catch alls” (except for the pen holder). Now I’m curious, if you have a lot of pens, how do you keep them organized?


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