DIY Compliment Cards| The 12 Days of Christmas {+ Free Printable}

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DIY Compliment Cards | The 12 Days of Christmas

Hello friends! Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away?

It makes me feel like the fall went by so quickly. I’m not even sure where all the time went. And I feel I’ve dropped the ball on a lot of things I wanted to get done a lot sooner (another reason I bought that Erin Condren planner).

One of those things was continuing to explore the 5 Love Languages and how my daughter responds to different expressions of love. While I have been paying attention to how she responds and trying more in different areas, I just haven’t put the effort into small projects like I had planned.

So my plan going forward is to come up with at least one small project each month. As far as I can tell, G. (my daughter) is still responding mainly to the area of gifts and quality time, and even more so when both of the love languages are combined. So, I’m going with this, folks.

For the December project I wanted to do something Christmas themed, and if you didn’t find your way here via blindly clicking on internet links, you can probably guess that I chose The 12 Days of Christmas as a springboard.

I created 12 different compliment cards. Read more below to find out more about compliment cards and how I created them.

 Free printable for DIY compliment cards inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.


What is a compliment card?

I first heard about compliment cards when I received some with my Erin Condren Life Planner a few weeks ago. According to their website, compliment cards are a way to surprise someone with an unexpected compliment, bringing them joy, and hopefully inspiring them to do the same.

What a beautiful idea, and such a simple gesture that could make someone’s day!


12 Days of Christmas Compliment Cards {for giving to Children}

I knew I wanted to make some personalized cards for my daughter and with Christmas coming up, I really liked the idea of using the song, The 12 Days of Christmas, because then I’d have a good excuse to give her a different one every day for 12 days.

 Free printable for DIY compliment cards inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.



For this project I used:

Cute scrapbooking paper


Laminating pouches

Thermal laminating machine

Corner rounder craft punch

Microsoft Word

Double sided tape

For the scrapbook paper, I used the Berry Sweet set from K&Company. I wanted every card to have a completely different design, and this one gave me a lot of options. It also fit perfectly in the printer and wouldn’t need to be cut to size first. If you are looking for a laminating machine, I bought the Scotch Thermal Laminator which was priced very reasonably (only $36 CDN). It came with 2 laminating pouches, which is all I needed for this project.



Then I had to figure out the size. I went with the same size as the Erin Condren ones which are also the size of business cards.

3.5X2 inches


8.89X5.08 cm


Graphics + Compliments


Now I had to figure out which graphics would represent each of the symbols in the song and what to say on the back of each of the cards.

For the compliments, I made up some of my own (you make me so happy is our special way of saying I love you.) and found some on the web here, here, and here. For the graphics I used the clip art in Microsoft Word. Here’s what I came up with:

Lyric: On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.
Graphic: pear
Compliment: You are my sunshine

Lyric: …two turtledoves.
Graphic: dove
Compliment: I love you to the MOON and BACK!

Lyric: …three French hens.
Graphic: chicken
Compliment: I’m so glad you’re mine!

Lyric: …four calling birds.
Graphic: music notes
Compliment: I {heart} your smile.

Lyric: …five gold rings.
Graphic: diamond ring
Compliment: You are a GREAT helper.

Lyric: …six geese a-laying.
Graphic: goose
Compliment: You make me so happy.

Lyric: …seven swans a-swimming.
Graphic: swan
Compliment: I love you as BIG as the SKY.

Lyric: …eight maids a-milking.
Graphic: maid cleaning
Compliment: You have great ideas!

Lyric: …nine ladies dancing.
Graphic: dress
Compliment: You are beautiful.

Lyric: …ten lords a-leaping.
Graphic: leaping man
Compliment: My favourite time is with you.

Lyric: …eleven pipers piping.
Graphic: man on bagpipes
Compliment: We make a great team!

Lyric: …twelve drummers drumming.
Graphic: girl drumming
Compliment: You make my days sweeter.


If you are making your cards from scratch (instead of the printables), I would suggest setting your table properties so the cells don’t resize when you add your clip art. Here’s how:


How to lock cell size in Microsoft Word tables.


Highlight your table and right click.

Go to “Table properties.”

Under the Table tab, click on the Options button in the lower right corner.

Un-check the box next to “Automatically resize to fit contents.

Click Ok twice to save the settings.



Last steps

Once I had everything set up on the computer, I finally got to the fun part – crafting!

 Free printable for DIY compliment cards inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.


All I had to do was choose the scrapbooking paper I wanted from the kit to print out the graphics on, then choose some colourful cardstock to print the compliments on. I cut them out, matched them up, and taped them together with the double-sided tape.

Then I just trimmed the excess paper off each of the cards and used the corner rounder.

 Free printable for DIY compliment cards inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.

I laminated, cut them out, and I was done!

I’m so happy how they turned out and looking forward to sharing them with my daughter. The best part is they double as bookmarks for her. She is always complaining that she doesn’t have enough bookmarks!



Now, I didn’t want to share the craft without making this much, much, easier for anyone who wanted to make some too.  So I’m posting this FREE printable with all the clipart and compliments I used for the project.

Free printable. DIY compliment cards for kids inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.

DIY Compliment Cards Free Printable

Remember, the 12 days of Christmas officially start on December 25th and go to January 5!

Have fun crafting 🙂




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